This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. While my head is still reeling from all of the knowledge shared, I feel I walked off the boat a little better at jiu-jitsu than when I walked on. Thank you to all of the sparring partners I got to train/practice/roll with, none of the amazing instruction we received would have set in without your help!
— Adam Smith
What an awesome vacation I had! Met great people, learned a dizzying amount of Jiujitsu, and reconnected with a crew of dedicated martial artists. Hard to put into words how much this trip meant to me. Thank you for making Grappler’s Escape such a treasure! Can’t wait for next year!
— Seth Shifrin, 4 time Grappler's Escape attendee
It is expensive, but I had never been on a cruise before in my life and Mackenzie Dern was teaching along with Leo Vieira and Marcus Buchecha and I thought of it as my graduation present to myself since it was right after I finished my masters. I was dedicated to going and U get to make 3 separate payments so it’s not overwhelming. And food was included the entire trip. Even some free alcohol on the grapplers Escape hosts.

I will say yes expensive but the funnest and most incredible vacation I’ve ever had, and the new bjj friends I made and pictures I got! It was worth every penny. I’m going to save so that I can do it again in 2019. Some of the Grapplers go every year!
— Elisa Escalante