We feel lucky to have such an exciting itinerary planned for Grappler's Excape III. For lovers of water, sun and tropical weather, these three locations are a dream trio. First stop, Cozumel. This piece of paradise is the pearl of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Home to pristine turquoise waters and the fun, food and drinks that Mexico is renown for. Then there is Belize. This tropical paradise promises adventure, both onshore and off. Crystalline rivers flow through impressive lowland jungles, home to a myriad of rare wildlife, silky sand beaches, and colorful coral gardens are just part of Belize's natural wonders. And last but not least, on the edge of the barrier reef there is Mahogany Bay in Roatan. The largest of Honduras’s Bay Islands is a real beauty, built on a backbone of volcanic rock and ringed by the world’s second largest coral reef.  Grab your Gi and join us!